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Meet Achilles

Our poor Achilles had the hardest life before we caught him, in a rural area where many cats had been abandoned. You'd never know what he's been through from his sunny disposition, every bit as bright as his handsome marbled orange coat. He got his name because one of his back toes is broken, (as you can see in the close up picture) most likely from getting it snagged on something (baling twine?) and trying desperately to free himself. Ouch! Of course he has been to the vet to see if anything can be done about it, but as it's an old break and doesn't appear to cause him any discomfort, or limit his mobility, we were told it is much the best left as it is. After his many years of living by his wits under harsh conditions, this sweet boy deserves a safe, loving retirement home of his very own!

Achilles is a mature kitty, maybe 10 years old, but apart from his broken toe has no health problems that we're aware of. He should have many happy years to spend with his forever family. He did have two broken canine teeth when he arrived, but those have been removed and he has had a full cleaning. He has also been neutered, vaccinated and is a very good boy with his litter box.

Achilles gets along well with other cats and should be fine with cat friendly canines too, once he gets to know them. Young kids may be a bit much for him, but he'd be very happy to have a calm adult home, or one with older kids, where he gets lots of attention and quality time with his special humans. He obviously belonged to someone at some point, as lovable as he is, but only he knows how long he's been dodging coyotes, seeking shelter from the elements and wondering where his next meal will come from. An epic battle just to survive! Maybe you're just the person he's been waiting for his whole life? If so, please fill out an adoption application on our website.

For a nominal $25 adoption fee, and your love, Achilles' many battles will finally come to an end!

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