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Meet Brisco and Zorro!

These sweet little boys were born to a feral cat who had been abandoned in the woods. Before they were even two weeks old, their mother decided motherhood was not for her and dropped them off at the nearest camp site. Yikes! Fortunately we had another mother cat in a foster home who had just finished weaning her kids. She welcomed the boys and their siblings and began nursing and caring for them. Good girl!


Brisco and Zorro are about 3 months old, have been neutered, wormed, had their first kitten shots, and are good boys using their litter box. Two peas in a pod, they look very similar; Zorro is the one with more white on his face. They get along great with other cats and are being fostered with a dog. Because we've had them since they were just little mites, they are super friendly and love hanging out with their special people.

Here's what their foster mom, who knows them best, has to say about them:

"Brisco is a super friendly, helpful little guy. He's always very interested in whatever is going on and likes to be where the action is. Zorro is every bit as friendly as his brother. As lovable as he can be, he likes being carried around like a baby. The better to get lots of cuddle time!"


Brisco and Zorro are a strongly bonded pair who would love to be adopted together so they always have a buddy to play and snuggle with. And who would want to miss out on the hilarious antics of two kittens playing together? The adoption fee for this 'band of brothers' is $120. If you would like to meet them, please fill out an adoption application by clicking on the blue button below or call Gina at (480)779-9208.


It'll be the best thing you've done in a very long time!


Brisco 5 (2).jpg
Brisco 4 (2).jpg
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Brisco 1 (2).jpg
Brisco 2 (2).jpg


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