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Meet Echo and Orion!

These look alike sisters (and yes, they are both girls, the kids named them, what can we say?) were born to a cat that had been abandoned in the woods. When they were barely two weeks old, their mother decided motherhood wasn't for her, and dropped all her kittens off at someone's nearby camp site. Yikes! They didn't know what to do with all her little 
muffins, so called us for help. Fortunately Lynn, one of our wonderful fosters, was able to run out and pick them up. She happened to have a mother cat that had just finished nursing who, thankfully, took on all the duties of caring for them. Phew, we got lucky there!

Echo and Orion are about 3 months old, have been spayed, vaccinated and are very good girls with their litter box. They get along great with other cats and are being fostered with a dog. Super sweet and playful, these two lovebugs will be the perfect addition to any family! Best of buddies, they would very much like to be adopted together so they always have their sister to play and cuddle with. Two kittens means twice the love for you too, and what could be better than that? The 
adoption fee for this pretty pair is $100. If you'd like to meet them, please fill out an adoption application by clicking the blue button below or call or text Gina at (480) 779-9208. Don't make them wait too long!

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