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Meet Emma and Elsie!

If you're looking for a reason to smile, these two girls are guaranteed to fit the bill! If we had to choose just on word to describe them it would be 'happy'. That's pretty amazing, considering their terribly rough start in life. The offspring of cats that were dumped in Elk, they grew up in one tough neighborhood; dodging coyotes while also dealing with blood sucking fleas and ear mites. Now that all that's behind them, they think life is pretty darn wonderful!

About a year old, they have been spayed, vaccinated and have perfect litter box manners. As adorable as they can be, they're quite petite, and we don't expect they'll ever get much bigger. Friendly, easy going girls, they get along great with other cats and we're sure will do well with canine companions too. They adore people of all sizes and would be thrilled to find a home where they get lots of quality time with their special humans.

Here's the cast of characters:

Emma is the pretty grey and white tabby with green eyes. The most charming of girls, she often heard cooing because she can't contain her happiness just knowing you're near. She loves being picked up and excels at lobbying for 'more cuddles, please'. And who could resist that request?

Elsie, the striking brown tabby with big copper eyes, is every bit as friendly and lovable as her sister. She's always ready to jump into the nearest lap for an extended cuddle session and likes hanging out with you as much as possible.

It would be wonderful if these two sisters could be adopted together, they are such good buddies. They would probably do alright adopted separately if that isn't possible, as long they get all the time and attention they deserve. The adoption fee for the pair is $80, or $50 for one of these cuties. To welcome these fuzzy bundles of joy into your life, please click the button below and fill out an adoption application on our website. Emma and Elsie are patiently waiting to go home...with you!




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